Is it your intention to make a reporting to ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers Spa? 

Who can make a reporting?
Anyone interested, whether they are employees or customers, suppliers, counterparties in the contract, consultants, etc. 

Which topics can be reported? 
Any matter related to: 

  • The internal control system and risk management having as their object the failure of respect laws and regulations, as well as rules laid down in internal information system of ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers S.p.A., also hypothetical illegal or corrupt activities, or in any case fraudolent activities impacting corporate assets and interests, and also events involving the administrative responsability of the Company under Italian Legislative Decree N. 231 of 2001; 
  • Violations of the rules and principles on ethical standards, harassments in the workplace, molestations, disputes relating to the management of the staff. 

The reporting can also be submitted anonymously.
ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers S.p.A. will start processing the nominative reportings, through the competent bodies, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and anonymity, provided that they are sufficiently detailed and worthy of attention. 

ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers Spa will not take lead on mere denunciations, in relation to which it reserves to act in defence of its own interests. 

What happens once the reporting is being received?
The recipient’s reporting, indicated in the document “Whistleblowing Policy”, will take the necessary and best suited measures in order to verify the information reported.

Ban on retaliations
Everyone makes a reporting will not be fired, will not endure a job change of lower level, will not be suspended, threatened, harassed or discriminated in any way in his/her working treatment, will not experience disturbing and retaliatory behaviours which might compromise any contractual relationship existing with ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers Spa, whereas the reporter himself has done activities on reporting lawfully and in good faith. 

However, it is reported that the misuse of the reporting system may involve measures against who made the abuse.