The keywords that guide our people strategy are an integral part of our corporate identity: their goal is to guide us towards improving the well-being and satisfaction of human resources, through the enhancement of skills and, at the same time, promoting the long-term business sustainability.

Sustainable Performance

Being competent We specialize in applied chemistry (chemical specialties) and tackling new industrial fields by evolving our structure and skills.

Result-oriented We are a group of professionals, capable of long-term planning and successfully implementing our ideas: the company has all the skills to support the development of projects.

Sustainability We develop products in line with our code of ethics, guaranteeing social, environmental and economic sustainability.


Innovation We have innovative ideas and help develop those of others also by collaborating with research institutes and universities. Flexibility, competence and service are the founding values of our customer relationship.

Being Solution-oriented We are a chemical company capable of providing innovative and customized products with the aim of creating a winning synergy with customers and suppliers. We are financially, organizationally and technically sound.


Speed Improving the existing high standards of service, safety and respect for the environment, through increasingly advanced tools and technologies.

Respect Every request deserves reasoned and in-depth feedback.

Integrity Honesty, integrity and consistency of conduct in compliance with internal and external rules.


Proactivity We encourage research into the activities connected to ours in order to reassess their mutual impact.

Transparency We provide open access to our expertise accepting the input of others and giving feedback from a constructive point of view.

Care for people We value experiences to stimulate their transfer to resources and we provide them with a path by listening to their proposals.


Passion Passion is the catalyst that makes us act; it is contagious and transmitted by example.

Initiative Passion drives us towards the initiative that we recognize and encourage and we address. Together, they enable us to set challenging goals.