Our nominal production capacity, equal to 125,000 tons per year, divided into four sites, diversified and highly automated, allows us to achieve high levels of product quality by guaranteeing the high flexibility necessary to serve multiple quantitative and application needs of our customers, in full compliance with safety and environmental regulations. We can produce 10 to 10,000 tons per year for each individual product.

For these reasons, we are also highly valued production partners of leading multinational chemical groups with Toll Manufacturing agreements.

We can manufacture for third parties:

  • water and solvent polymers
  • pigmentary dispersions
  • tackifiers and auxiliaries

The tolling service includes:

  • Accurate management of technical information
  • Raw materials receipt and storage
  • Production and quality control of each production step
  • Storage of the finished product
  • Packaging service (disposable packaging).
  • Storage service

Contact us for all your production needs and to find out about the available production capacity.