Textile and nonwoven

Water based acrylic and polyurethane dispersions.

Our product line for textile, nonwovens and flexible packaging applications, includes acrylic resins, polyurethanes, Plastisol and pigment dispersions which are carefully formulated by our application laboratories, to ensure maximum adaptability to industry processes.
With more than 70 years’ history, the textile Business Unit represents the original production know-how of ICAP-SIRA.
Our R&D department continues developing and improving production recipes aimed at meeting the needs of all our customers: from the multinational company to the small artisan producer.

Other products lines are:

End use

Our products play an important role in determining the final characteristics of fabrics and nonwovens, directly influencing their quality, durability, and functionality. Enhancing fabric strength, improving texture, colorfastness, resistance, and eco-friendliness. Get vibrant, durable and uniform color distribution.
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