H.S.E. – Health, Safety & Environment

Respect for the environment, with high standards of safety and health protection; our factories are equipped with cutting-edge systems for the treatment of emissions and water purification. With the use of cogeneration plants and photovoltaic systems installed in our production sites, we aim for efficient use and energy saving.

Photovoltaic system

Polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panel system installed on the roof in 2006.
Meets part of the electricity needs of the Parabiago office building.

Efficient use of energy

850 kWe natural gas cogeneration plant. Satisfies 100% of the electrical needs of the Barberino di Mugello plant; the excess energy produced is sold to the network. The cogenerator also produces steam (425kWt) and hot water (70 – 86 ° C, 532 kWt). Tons of CO2 saved annually: 450-500.