Pressure sensitive adhesives

Water based acrylic dispersions, solvent based acrylic solutions.

We offer a complete range of acrylic-based technologies for the PSA industry, with consistency of quality and reliability of supply, thanks to interchangeable production plants in different locations and diversified raw material sources. Water-based, solvent- based and UV-HotMelt technologies are available.
Our products are suitable for the following applications: special adhesive tapes, paper and filmic labels, PVC films for advertising and other graphic art applications, protective films, medical applications, such as plasters, wound dressing and medical tapes.
We are also available to develop tailor-made products for customers requiring personalized specialties for their applications.

Product type

Water Based acrilic resins

Solvent Based acrilic resins



End use

Graphic art

Protective films

Medical products


Textile – Foams