Sustainability Report of the Tuscan Chemical Sector presentation

ICAP-SIRA has participated in the drafting of the 24th edition of the Sustainability Report for the Tuscan Chemical Sector, which was presented to stakeholders on Friday, November 24 2023, at the Innovation Center of the CR Foundation in Florence.

Such sectorial projects demonstrate how chemical industries are at the forefront in the search for innovative products and virtuous behaviors aimed at the sustainable growth of the territory in which they operate.
The Tuscan chemical industry represents 3.5% of the region’s manufacturing activities and actively contributes to sustainable development according to values and behaviors oriented towards the protection of safety, health, and the environment, and even in the broader context of corporate social responsibility.

The event has involved several speakers: Maurizio Bigazzi, President of Confindustria Toscana; Leonardo Marras and Monia Monni, respectively Regional Councilors for Economy and Productive Activities and Environment of the Tuscany Region, Cristiana Gaburri, Central Technical Scientific Director of Federchimica; Pietro Rubellini Director of ARPAT; and Nicola Sciclone, Director of IRPET.