Polymers for Special Applications

Textile and nonwoven

This is a selection of the main Polymers for Special Applications for the Textile and nonwoven sector. With more than 70 years’ history, we have developed thousands of production recipes aimed at meeting the needs of all our customers:  from the multinational company to the small artisan producer. Contact us to discuss your customized project.

Pigment Printing
Emulsion Type (Charge)
Tg (°C)
Solid Content (% ±1)
Viscosity (mPa*s)
Technical sheet
Safety data sheet
ACRILEM IK47 Acrylic Anionic +47 47 100 2,5
ACRILEM IK82 Acrylic Anionic +82 40 500 9
ACRILEM BMV 50SF Vinyl-Maleic-Acrylic  Anionic +18 54 1800 4,5
ACRILEM 4229 Vinyl-Acrylic  Anionic/Non Ionic  +14 55 600 5
ACRILEM BMV57 Vinyl-Maleic-Acrylic  Anionic +19 55 5500 5
ACRILEM 659H acr-tack Anionic ND 53,5 18500 8,5
ACRILEM 975V STY-BUT-TACK Anionic ND 48 28000 9
ACRILEM 950HV ACR-TACK Anionic ND 50 28000 9

We develop tailor-made solutions. If you don’t see a product that meets your needs, you can request us a specific formulation.

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