Biobased Products Brochure for Textile, Nonwoven, Coatings, and PSA Applications

The company’s commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in its mission to transform customers’ ideas into real solutions while ensuring business continuity in a changing world.

The textile and nonwoven solutions include ACRILEM® ECO emulsions, offering versatile and high-performing applications for pigment printing, flock, lamination, spray, impregnation, and coating. The lineup boasts excellent color rendering, softness, and washing resistance.

In the coatings sector, Icap-Sira offers ACRILEM® ECO binders, designed for wood, decorative, construction, and sealant applications. These binders provide excellent adhesion, flexibility, and resistance to various substrates and environmental factors.

For PSA applications, Icap-Sira’s range of base polymers and ready-to-use adhesives cater to paper labels, plastic labels, tapes, graphic art, protectives, textile, and foams. The products provide an optimal balance of adhesion, cohesion, and resistance to aging and plasticizers.