Loading Circular Economy

Textile finishing will probably remain an industrial prerogative and in the future the safety of the process will be granted in all steps; starting from raw material selection, passing through chemical synthesis (with environmentally responsible production processes) and ending with reuse/recycle of all the articles at the end of their life.   

The vision of a sustainable economy, based on “circulating”, re-using or deconstructing resources, is rapidly advancing.

As a result, companies are proactively searching for alternative raw materials and production processes for the development of new materials that can have a lower toxicological and environmental impact.

Virtuous examples of new sustainable technologies are already available in the field of polymer production for textile finishing in order to:

  • Eliminate organic solvents
  • Avoid/limit the use of toxic substances in all steps of production
  • Produce biodegradable articles
  • Substitute fossil origin raw materials with renewable origin ones
  • Reduce carbon footprint in all production steps