Research and Development

We constantly invest in Research and Development and our production and technological infrastructure to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of the markets we serve. In our Research and Development Labs, our professional scientists and engineers operate with advanced instrumentation to develop new products and support their optimum industrial application.

Our Analytical Lab

It is equipped with the state-of-art equipment for chemical and physicochemical screening of products. In addition to evaluating finished products and experimental formulations, we offer consulting services for customer-specific product certifications to include detecting the presence of specific components and declarations of conformity.

Our Research Lab

It is equipped with small-scale reactors and specific instrumentation and controls, which allows us to focus on the development of new acrylic and polyurethane resins and compounds. In our Application Engineering Lab, we perform industrial simulations for finished products in the textile, coatings and PSA sectors along with formulations of specific coloring systems for each market sector, including dedicated acceptance testing. All lab tests are conducted according to relevant applicable standards. Our specialized technicians are able to support the industrialization of products and the application thereof in laboratory and field environments as well as onsite at the customer location.

Engineering Group

Our Engineering Group is dedicated to the improvement of new and existing facilities to achieve maximum production efficiency. The group is also responsible for the design and implementation of advanced engineering solutions for the industrialization of new products.

Our operations are undertaken caring for the environment, health and safety; our production sites have advanced emission and water treatment systems. We also target an efficient utilization and saving of energy by means of cogeneration and photovoltaic systems installed at our sites.

Efficient Energy Use

Our natural gas cogeneration plant provides 850kWe of electrical power, covering 100% of the energy needs at our Barberino di Mugello plant. We subsequently sell any excess power back to the electric grid. The cogenerator produces also an output of steam (425kWt) and hot water (70-86C°, 532kWt). We are able to save approximately 450 to 500 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year.

Photovoltaic System

In 2006, we installed a polycristallyne silicon photovoltaic (PV) system that now produces enough electrical power annually to cover a substantial portion of the energy needs at our headquarter in Parabiago.