Innovative by definition, for us here at ICAP-SIRA, transforming ideas into concrete solutions has always been one of the hallmarks of our identity.

Starting in 1945 with the production of compounds for leather finishing, we have gradually expanded our product portfolio to become a leading manufacturer of acrylic and urethane polymers in aqueous and solvent dispersion, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the market and the desire to ensure a highly competitive response to the needs of the customers we serve.

The latest line includes hot-melt acrylic polymers with UV crosslinking developed in our laboratories and for which our engineering group has designed and built an innovative dedicated plant, thanks to which the Barberino di Mugello production site has been upgraded and renovated.

26th October 2023
ICAP-SIRA was a key participant at the GEO 2023 Conference, at Bocconi University in Milan


The key to our success is the ability to combine ingenuity and creativity with constant attention to regulatory changes and the ever-new demands of the markets we serve.

This success is showcased by our ability to generate value with new products, developed in our laboratories with the collaboration of our suppliers and technological partners who are part of the ecosystem that revolves around Icap-Sira in support of our innovation.

This is why we constantly invest in Research and Development and in technological and production infrastructures:

in our Research and Development Laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, highly professional researchers and engineers work to develop new products and support their optimal industrial application.

the Engineering Group is dedicated to improve both existing and new plants in order to achieve maximum production efficiency and to the design and implementation of advanced plant solutions for the industrialization of new products.

We have enthusiastically embraced the innovative ferment launched by the United Nations with the 2030 agenda and introduced in the European Union’s program plan with the Green Deal.

Our Research and Development activities are, therefore, focused on the design of products that generate a lower impact throughout their life cycle, thus concentrating on the selection of raw materials from renewable sources and with a lower degree of toxicity, in the study of processes with lower energy consumption and preferring product lines whose end of life is recycling or biodegradation.

Within these targets, the most innovative research projects on which we are working are the development of new ranges of products with raw materials from renewable and biodegradable sources, the reduction of the use and emission of toxic and volatile substances and, as they are persistent (elimination of fluorinated compounds and polyhalogenates), the design of processes with a lower energy impact (high solid products free from cosolvents and products that can be photoresisted with UVA radiation).

After more than 70 years, we, therefore, continue with new enthusiasm and energy to propose ourselves as a competent, flexible and reliable partner for those who have new sustainable ideas to develop and implement.