ICAP-SIRA GROUP acquires 70% of UAPC Co., Ltd. a Thai Polymer producer

UAC ADVANCE POLYMER & CHEMICALS COMPANY LIMITED (UAPC) has been active in polymer production in the ASEAN region since 1995.

This move by ICAP-SIRA will be a great opportunity to increase business potential and future growth in APAC region. 

At the same time, with R&D and production in the area, ICAP-SIRA will be able to provide the same service and quality recognized by its European partners.

ICAP-SIRA latest sustainable innovations include water based products made from biodegradable raw materials – an eco-friendlier alternative to solvent-based products. 

Leveraged by its extensive manufacturing capacity and investments in structural and technological assets, ICAP-SIRA seeks to gain momentum in supplying the automotive, medical, food packaging, construction and textile industries in the RCEP area.