ICAP-SIRA supports the Lombardy Healthcare System in the Coronavirus emergency

Founded in Parabiago (Milan) in 1945, always close to our territory, as ICAP-SIRA management and also on behalf of our employees, we want to contribute with this donation to support the enormous effort of Lombardy healthcare staff working on the front line against Coronavirus emergency.

The whole of Italy, especially in the Northern Regions, is engaged in the fight against an invisible enemy that is putting in crisis the National Health System, exposing to the risk of contagion many women, men and families and in particular the most fragile groups of the population. Others in Europe are taking the Italian model as an example to reduce the pandemic impact, while waiting for its eradication and for pharmacological solutions to immunize the entire population.

Even in these completely exceptional events, the priority of ICAP-SIRA does not change: we work with the utmost respect for the health and safety of all our employees and stakeholders. The additional measures that we have adopted in these days are aimed at addressing a context that has changed in a very short time. We continue respecting and enforcing the rules for the good of all.

Looking ahead, we aim to keep all the sites operational and to offer our customers a technical-commercial service that allows them to work.
ICAP-SIRA is a chemical group with the heart in Italy, but with an international profile, and is part of the production chain of medical and food products: we are involved in basic necessities.

In the meantime, we are proud to support the Lombardy Healthcare System and its increase of intensive care units that will be, even more than before, at the service of patients coming from all over Italy.