Icap-Sira Innovation Day 2020

Innovation and adaptability are two of the founding values of ICAP-SIRA’s 75 years old history. Nowadays being able to innovate is crucial to intercept the new needs of a market that Covid pandemic is irreversibly changing.

In this scenario, Icap-Sira decided to accelerate its Innovation process with the creation of cross working groups with increased connections between sales and R&D and giving wide space to the ideas of our young researchers.

Even if these days we wear face masks and communicate in social distancing, we did not postpone our “Innovation Day”. On May 15 with remote connection our R&D laboratories presented  their latest works to the whole company; the speeches touched differing subjects about development of products and processes;  all of them  based on the pillars of health, sustainability and circular economy and with the target of cradle to cradle approach.

Icap_Sira innovation history continues…