Coronavirus – Frequently Asked Questions

Are the production sites in Italy fully operational and in what way?

Although Italy is subject to further restrictions, based on the provisions of Annex I to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22/03/2020, our industrial activity is permitted.

All our production sites are therefore open and produce regularly.

The administrative, commercial and technical offices are open and almost all of the people are in smartworking.
The meetings are held with remote connection and, where not possible, the number of participants has been reduced to a minimum, ensuring the safety distance between people and adequate cleaning / ventilation of the premises.

– What are you doing to minimize the risk of further infections?

All employees are asked to minimize contact with other people, both at work and at home.
Sanitization of the premises and equipment at workplace, common and leisure areas has been implemented.
Nitrile gloves and masks were purchased.

Working / common and leisure areas have been equipped with products for cleaning surfaces and hands.
A maximum number of people has been set at the same time both in the dining areas / changing rooms.
Staggered staff entry / exit times were favored at the production sites in order to avoid contacts in the common areas as much as possible.

– Is the supply of raw materials at risk?

Based on the current information we have received from our suppliers, we have no short or medium term problems.

The Supply Chain management is carefully monitoring the situation with our suppliers, in order to prevent potential long-term problems.

None of our strategic raw materials, with particular impact on productivity, comes directly from China or is purchased from the red zone in Italy.

– Are you monitoring outgoing and incoming truck drivers and couriers?

In all production sites, specific extraordinary procedures have been implemented in order to regulate the interactions between Icap-Sira staff and the drivers.

– Is contagion possible by handling our products?

There is no evidence that our products have a connection to the CORONA VIRUS phenomenon and that their manipulation might cause possible contagion.

We will regularly update this site to inform you about current situation