Pigment dispersions

Pigment dispersions in water, solvent and solvent-less, chips for coloring of acrylic, vinyl, polyurethane and polyesters, PVC and Plastisol®

We produce pigment dispersions since the beginning of our industrial activity. In 1982 we acquired the company Pambochem, in 1987 the company DI.PI.A. and in 2008 the company IRSEA, consolidating our technical and production skills in coloring acrylic, vinyl, polyurethane, polyester, PVC and plastisols resins.

Our pigmentary pastes in water, solvent or solvent-free are used in water-based paints, fabric finishing, inks, polyurethane foams, leathers and fake leathers, adhesive tapes.

Other product lines are: Textile and nonwoven, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Coatings.