Cleancap Low Voc Co-Solvent Free

Textile and nonwoven

This is a selection of the main Cleancap Low Voc Co-Solvent Free for the Textile and nonwoven sector. With more than 70 years’ history, we have developed thousands of production recipes aimed at meeting the needs of all our customers:  from the multinational company to the small artisan producer. Contact us to discuss your customized project.

Emulsion Type (Charge)
Solid Content (% ±1)
Viscosity (mPa*s)
Technical sheet
Safety data sheet
CLEANCAP 577 (VOC FREE) Aliphatic PTHF Anionic 34 500 8
CLEANCAP 579 (VOC FREE) Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 40 250 8
CLEANCAP 501 Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 45 750 7,8
CLEANCAP 503 Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 50 1250 8
CLEANCAP 6498A Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 37 250 8
CLEANCAP 808A Aliphatic PTHF Anionic 34 150 8

We develop tailor-made solutions. If you don’t see a product that meets your needs, you can request us a specific formulation.

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