Cleancap Low Voc Co-Solvent Free

Textile and nonwoven

This is a selection of the main Cleancap Low Voc Co-Solvent Free for the Textile and nonwoven sector. You can find more products through our product search engine. With more than 70 years’ history, we have developed thousands of production recipes aimed at meeting the needs of all our customers:  from the multinational company to the small artisan producer. Contact us to discuss your customized project.

Emulsion Type (Charge)
Solid Content (% ±1)
Viscosity (mPa*s)
Technical sheet
Safety data sheet
CLEANCAP 577 (VOC FREE) Aliphatic PTHF Anionic 34 500 8
CLEANCAP 579 (VOC FREE) Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 40 250 8
CLEANCAP 501 Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 45 750 7,8
CLEANCAP 503 Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 50 1250 8
CLEANCAP 6498A Aliphatic Polyester Anionic 37 250 8
CLEANCAP 808A Aliphatic PTHF Anionic 34 150 8

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