Toll Manufacturing

Our advanced production capacity is equivalent to 125,000 tons/year. This includes four plants with diverse and highly automated systems, which allows us to develop high-quality finished products, offer flexibility to serve multiple quantitative and qualitative customer needs and ensure full compliance with health and environmental regulations. Our reactors can produce anywhere from 10 to 10,000 tons/year for a single product – all of which makes us a qualified production partner for primary multinational chemical companies around the world with Toll Manufacturing Agreements.

We are able to toll manufacture:

  • water and solvent- based polymers
  • pigment dispersions
  • tackifiers and auxiliaries
The tolling service generally includes:

  • Accurate technical information management
  • Raw material acceptance and storage
  • Production and quality control at each process step
  • Storage of finished product
  • Packaging (non-reusable)
  • Warehousing service
Please contact us for your production needs and to know the available production capacity..