What is Plastisol®

Plastisol® is an omogeneous, ready to use PVC dispersion in a liquid plasticizer..

The transformation of a Plastisol® in a finished product takes place by heat treatment. The complete polymer dissolution occurs at temperatures between 140 and 180 °C; after the cooling step, a solid product is obtained with significant physical and mechanical fastness.

The possibility of achieving high transparency and the development of color systems have opened countless fields of application to Plastisol®. Color systems extend from the whole color range of full, shiny colors with semi-transparent effects up to metallic effects.
Formulation variations allow to cover a wide range of physical and mechanical fastnesses. Plastisol® are available with characteristics of high flexibility and softness or excellent hardness and rigidity.

is a Trademark of ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers S.p.A.