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New class of Water based acrylic adhesives

Icap-sira chemicals and polymers SpA has developed a new class of Water based acrylic adhesives characterized by a high solid content (more than 60%) and an aggressive adhesive power especially when they are used at high coating weight on various substrates. These materials exhibit very good ageing performance even at extreme conditions and they are APEO free. Due to all these valuable characteristics Icap-Sira new dispersions are ideal products in a wide range of applications. Among them, they have found immediate success in the very demanding roofing tapes/construction tapes application where good initial tack and adhesion over a broad range of temperature is required, as well as ageing resistance in harsh conditions. 


A range of several products has been developed, with various fine-tuned balance between adhesive and cohesive properties, various grades of initial tack and for use in different temperature ranges, including a high performing grade for low temperatures. 


The products can be easily formulated with tackifiers (also available from Icap-Sira) and can be coated to very high coating weights.

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