Concentrated pigment dispersions in plasticizer (phthalic or non-phthalic) suitable for coloring plastisols (and PVC in plasticizer). Wide color range and special effects available. Shining full colors, semi-transparent effects, fluorescent colors, metal effects. Our Lab is available for assistance and color matching upon request.

IRSEPLAST ™is a Trademark of ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers S.p.A.

Color Index Pigment Color
P. White 6 titanium dioxide
P. Black 7 carbon black
P. Black 11 iron oxides
P. Yellow 13 organic
P. Yellow 42 iron oxides
P. Yellow 83 organic
P. Yellow 128 organic
P. Orange 34 organic
P. Red 48:2 organic
P. Red 101 iron oxides
P. Red 122 organic
P. Red 185 organic
P. Red 208 organic
P. Red 221 organic
P. Red 254 organic
P. Violet 19 organic
P. Violet 23 organic
P. Green 7 organic
P. Blue 15:1 organic
P. Blue 15:3 organic
P. Blue 29 ultramarine blue
Bruni Ox Fe iron oxides

Colors shown here are for illustrative purposes only.

ICAP-SIRA Chemicals and Polymers S.p.A. can provide the following support services:

* Study and development of products according to your specific requirements;
* Supply of samples for lab and industrial trials upon request;
* Study and development of new products, new colors, new effects; 
* Technical assistance at your sites for product fine tuning.